In order to ensure satisfaction with your chosen window treatments, we must first measure and assess the space in which those treatments will be installed. Based on our assessment and your preferences, we can provide product recommendations and inform you of potential benefits and issues with certain products before you purchase.


We can guide you through product choices and considerations using samples, visual guides, and our expertise. Our goal is to make your selection process as simple but informative as possible so that you can order with confidence and ease. If you order your product through us, we will keep you updated with shipping statuses.


Once your product is ready, we contact you to schedule your installation at our earliest availability. With our proficient installers, we aim to provide a smooth and timely installation process. We will not only install your chosen product correctly, but provide a professional and pleasant experience.

Get started on this process today...

We will make the process as convenient and simple as we can so that you can have the privacy, style, and light control you want as soon as possible.